Barcelona Private Guided Tours…

Private Tours Barcelona / Guide Privé Barcelone


Barcelona city tours

with a

private guide

, in English, for reduced groups: a couple, family, group of friends… etc.

private guided tours

with a small group, allows us to better fit with your schedule, your rhythm, your interests, and allows us to move around the city centres’ narrow streets in an easy way to avoid mass tourism… and for your greater satisfaction…

We carefully select our

tourist guides

. All are

certified guides

, speak excellent English, and have a long experience and a vast knowledge of the city’s history. Being with an

official tourist guide

allows us to

avoid long lines

on the tours that include visiting monuments, which is a great value in the high, and hot, season. This also gives you more flexibility in your visits as you don't have to book tickets for a fixed time.

Private Tours Barcelona / Guide Privé Barcelone

offers a set of city tours carefully designed to please those who discover Barcelona, and those who come back and want discover other aspects of this amazing city…

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Why a visit with a private guide?

There are many agencies that offer guided tours of Barcelona, some even offer free guided tours, (supposedly free, since a big tip is required).
Our idea is to offer an

exclusive service



for clients who do not want a guided tour with a fixed schedule, rushed, in large groups of 30 or more people, and listening to explanations from a monotonous guide who has lived in Barcelona for three months…
We select

senior guides

who have lived in the city for years and know every corner, they will have no problem to make detours, and modify the planned itinerary to suit your interests…
Our guides are used to guide families and can adapt the rhythm of the visit and the level of explanations to wake up the interest of kids and teenagers…

Why an official guide?

Hiring an

official guide

is a guarantee for you to hire a professional who has studied Catalonia and Barcelona history...
It's important to know that official guides are allowed to

skip the queues

> in the majority of the monuments (with 8 persons maximum group). Therefore allowing more flexibility in your tour as you don't have to buy tickets at a fixed time in advance.
All the guides working for Private Tours Barcelona / Guide Privé barcelone are

official guides



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